Qualia ˈkwälēə/ noun / PHILOSOPHY

Qualia is experience, it is what we all feel and understand, yet it stands as something that cannot be put into words.

In 2016 Amanda Chu founded Qualia Creations to capture these moments. 

Qualia Creations Photography and visual services grew from fashion in an effort to bring beauty and precision to the everyday. 

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she spent her early career in the luxury fashion studio and production market.

Amanda’s spirit and commitment to improvement highlighted her ability to lead. Managing at several premiere studios throughout her hometown, NYC. At 23, she became the youngest manager at the world's largest studio in the world, working among the likes of Vogue & Glamour, with a daily roll call of celebrity clientele. Amanda keeps her studio and production skills fresh, collaborating with other creatives freelancing on editorial and commercial projects while growing and building the community of Qualia Creations. 

Growing from a field that strives for invention, innovation, and revolution. 

Qualia elevates photography, bringing art to life.